Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Hangover

Oh... Saturday mornings, jolly times ain't it? Waking up to a mind spinning headache and mouth as dry as Africa after a wild and possibly embarrassing Friday night out…

Word of advice, as much you want to think you'll get better at boom the longer you play, you don't. So refrain from further challenging yourself for redemption, or you might as well be chugging tequila shots. (Learned that the hard way.) Other pointers? Stay AWAY from your phone. (sorry to everyone who received a text between the hours of 12am-3am). Also try not to seem crazy i.e. running away or hiding behind trees, it’s tempting I know.

Hmm, so it'll be another awkward Monday morning. What are those you may ask? When your boss asks how was your weekend and all you can think of to appropriately respond is “uh..good”, followed by “what did you do” and awkward silence for a good 5 seconds before you manage to blurt out “um, not much”, while you’re really thinking “you know, went out, slept, ate, and went out some more”. (-_-)

When you finally manage to crawl out of bed for food:

Hm… chipotle ain’t ever on the same level as Pho, but apparently it’s also worse in Cleveland than in Colorado… Superior Pho, please move to campus, I swear you’ll be the best business on Euclid.. Nothing can beat Pho as comfort food on those weekend mornings.

Cheers to yet another unproductive day~

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