Sunday, January 4, 2015

The After-College-Before-Work Lifestyle

At this moment, I am currently in that awkward phase of nothingness between college and work. For those who don't know me, I just graduated two weeks ago from College and is spending a month home until I begin working in February.

In the meantime... I've definitely developed a relaxing lifestyle with daily moments including:

Homemade breakfast on the left :) This simple and healthy breakfast is helping me train my cooking skills for the real world! Do you know about these delicious and healthy Power Oranges? Read more about them here.

Dimsummmm in NYC on the right. never enough dimsum. 

2. TV

[Insert a gazillion asian dramas] haha.. this is me putting my premium DramaFever subscription to good use finally! I got to watch:

High School Love On - Cute drama, nice pace, would recommend. Read more here.

Vampire Flower - Short mini series-60min total. I love to watch these mini series because it's short but also tells a full stories. Short the story won't be too detailed but I like the pace and this plot since I'm a sucker for the Vampire genre. This one is a bit hard to find with a good quality and eng sub, I watched it ep1-3 on youtube and the rest here.

Also re-watched Sword Art Online!

It's the only Anime I've watched in recent years and will recommend it to anyone because the plot is great! I was and am still not an Anime fan but I absolutely enjoyed it. The plot is basically a futuristic world where players are stuck inside an MMORPG game and death in the game means death in real life. It explores in depth psychological effects of people in virtual reality and brings very interesting concepts. You can watch it here.


New Year's Eve view of NYC! Had an awesome night of dancing and enjoyed a few drinks at The Shannon  sports bar in Hoboken. It had a nice dance floor and atmosphere!

4. Shopping

Shopping in NYC and finding a gem at Kate Spade NY! 
Link Here

Also snagged this Andrew Marc coat!


Just can't get over her new album... I've never been a big fan of Taylor Swift, but after this new album I've been converteddddd. I just love all the songs on the album and put it on repeat for hours :0

Tis is the lifestyle of a school-less work-less wanderer. 

Life is pretty good just being able to enjoy these simple things :) Check out more photos and ideas on Instagram :) @graceyliu

Monday, October 7, 2013

命运-家家 (兰陵王插曲 冯绍峰林依晨 Lan Ling Wang Ariel Lin Feng Shao Feng)