Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New priorities. New look. New lifestyle.

Starting off the new semester fresh and re-energized!

New Priorities
1. Academics. *yes I am actually going to all my classes!
2. Health/Fitness *workout at least 4 days a week
3. Clubs/Activities/Social life
4. Work/Webstore/stock investments
5. Others *Layin low on the weekend ventures and the bad boys

New Look

Totes reenergized from home! <3 my besties
So I got a real  backpack (from adidas) and a pair of Cole Haan Nike Air flats that I can trudge around campus with without being destroyed by rain (which by the way has already started, what a great welcome back Cleveland). I finally feel like a student.

So I am really in love with my new hairstyle :) I've cut off 8 inches and it feels so fresh and light. I also got it colored to a light brownish shade and I think it's a good reflection of my personal growth and changes in personality.

New Lifestyle
My new motto is: focus on myself, care less about what people think of me, be less passive, justify my decisions only to myself and be clear on my priorities!

*Also, new fashion. I have been soooo obsessed with vintage/retro style lately (will do a post on vintage and work style later). Francesca's Collections is my new favorite store :D


*update: It's been 2 days and it already feels like a yearrr! Every day is so busy running around all over campus. Of course Cleveland welcomed us back by a horrendous thunderstorm Monday, what else is new? Though I am exhausted all the time, it feels great to be out and about all the time, seeing people, and being productive! Life has indeed been fulfilling. My birthday tomorrow, so excited! Definitely throwing a rager this weekend and its gonna be crazyayyy. 


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