Tuesday, August 14, 2012

College Packing 101

All you confuzzled little freshmans out there, staring at that birthday gift you know you won’t ever need but throw in your luggage anyways? DON’T. DO IT.

Here’s your guide to minimizing the pain and suffering of moving in and out of college dorms:

1)   If you think you’re going to sit around being sentimental, think again. Of course it happens to everyone, but eventually your new college environment will consume your brain. So, that teddy bear your friend gave you last Christmas? Leave it at home on your comfy bed and hug it in your sleep when you come home. Your twin bed will feel small enough without it.

2)  Shakespeare, you say? Perhaps some Jane Austen? Mix in some Stephanie Meyers or Stephen King and life is complete…NOT. Refrain from bringing heavy useless paper, that’s essentially what it’ll be, but with layers of dust collected throughout the year. I doubt you’ll ever finish reading your textbooks, don’t even bother with the free read.

3)  Tempted to lug your entire lifetime’s wardrobe? Well… ain’t very useful to have your fur coats in August, so do yourself a favor and leave it for now. When you go home for fall break or Thanksgiving, swap the summer dresses for the coat. WALA!

4)  Divide and conquer. You mostly likely have a roommate. Let that be a plus to a more fulfilling living experience. If they’re bringing a fridge, why stuff your already overflowing car with one?

5)  The photos, albums, random key chains, etc that you usually decorate your room at home with? Well guess what, you ain’t livin in the freshman dorm forever. In 10 months when housing ruthlessly kicks you out within 24 hours of your last final, you’d be screaming in your head why the fuck you brought those crap.

6)   Oh gosh… from personal experience, PLEASE DON’T BE LIKE ME:

The Kleenex? I swear you will be able to find some place near campus to buy tissues if you really need that much, don’t waste your energy stocking up on those..
The dictionary? There's something called a computer and dictionary.com



If you don't want to end up like THIS:


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