Friday, August 3, 2012 continues (after the long hiatus)

The excitement of blogging only lasts so long, as it turns out. Evidently, for a second semester high school senior eager to share her life quirks and sell her useless prep books, the appeal of blogging only lasted a mere 29 days, not even a month. (That was me a year and a half ago).

Returning to the world of blogging as a rising sophomore in college, I'd say life is a little more exciting and spiced up than it was a year and a half ago when I was living in lala land and dreaming of prince charming. That fantastical stage has had it's turn to dictate my life and now I move on into a world that is a lot less disney-like and a whole lot more real.

Surviving the famous "freshman year", not only do I have enough stories to tell for the rest of my life, but also gained a new appreciation for blogging thanks to my amazing housemate, Tammy, who has brought so much fun, laughter, and companionship to my life in the past 2 months. (SHOUT OUT TO TAMMY AND HER FASHION BLOG). Hopefully this time around the perks of sharing my funny, sad, and most probably AWKWARD life experiences will keep this blog alive for all the future to come. Happy Friday :)

Senior Week

Photo shoot for Tammy's blog

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