Monday, April 8, 2013

March Madness: The Fun&Laughter

Yet another month swings by, so much fun and laughter, living the life~ 

Those are flavored marshmallows!
From Bubo Patisserie 
In just a month, I feel like I've aged a decade. I've become more mature, more focused, and more motivated after figuring what I want to do with life. To reach this conclusion, it was a long and difficult journey, with internal conflicts, moving on from an important stage of my college life, and building up courage to pursue my aspirations. To blog this development, I've split this March Madness into different themed posts: 

First: The fun&laugher, Spring break in Europe~


Santa Maria Del Mar

Magic Fountain of Montjuic
SO much fun and excitement! This has definitely been the best spring break of my life. Though the idea of studying abroad sounds appealing, I'd rather visit individual places on my own, plan trips according to my schedule, and not be burdened in any way by schoolwork~
On top of Park Guell
Everything about this trip has been so extraordinary, from spending time with the boyfriend who's studying abroad, to hiking all over Barcelona, to cheering a sister on at the Barcelona 26.2mile Marathon. 
Growing up and and no longer traveling with the family is a great feeling. 
Not that I don't want to travel with my family ever again, but independency gives the most rewarding and blissful kind of freedom. 
Seeing the different cultures that exist in this world is liberating. Recognizing there are so many wonderful things out there and so many possibilities make even my most farfetched dreams seem within reach. 


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Winter Edition: Turkey feast, NYC, NBA, Beyonce and beyond

This is a way overdue post :P Just realized I saved it as a draft and never published! 

If you've ever watched an extensive action filled movie, you've only experienced a fraction of what I feltloft my 4 days of my Thanksgiving break--that's how crazy and amazing it was.

In a nutshell:

1. 8 hour roadtrip from Cleveland to Jersey and back with boyfriend, and our friends Effie and Darius.
2. Feasted for 3 days. Feasted the entire Turkey Day from the moment we woke up. (Effie stayed at my house for break)
3. NYC shopping from Thursday night
4. Dave&Buster's at midnight
5. NBA game front row seats, LA Clippers vs. Brooklyn Nets, AND SEEING BEYONCE!
Reuniting with high school bestie Kevin, shopping at Times Square Black Friday~
College bestie, she's an international student, coming home with meee for thanksgiving~

Baumgart's Cafe NOM NOMS
My baby is growing up :( It's a Lexus RX 300
Just being big kids at Dave&Busters
Boyfriend's family overfeeding us at their restaurant Baumgart's :P
Waited two hours for this Totto's Ramen! Get their tuna don, so amazinggg~
LA Clippers vs Brooklyn Nets! AND I SEE BEYONCE O.O
those small blissful moments in life

Baumgart's homemade icecream is just TOO GOOD

Words cannot describe this adventure~
Though I ended being more exhausted than I was before I left campus for Thanksgiving at "home", this adventure was one of the best outings ever and I'm so glad I got to sharing it with all the amazing people in my life :)