Monday, August 20, 2012

American Doctors vs Asian Doctors

Sighs... it seems that the short few days that I visit home are inevitably always time for doctor appointments (-_-) and I'm no fan of needles and test tubes. There are just so many things to check on... getting a physical, eye check up, teeth check up, ob/gyn, etc

And what is all this weird office hours shit with all you American doctors? This is not meant to be racist at all, just what the facts tell me. Okay, I get it, doctors are important to society and blah blah but seriously, why is it acceptable for doctors to take random days off when the rest of the world functions on a regular Mon-Fri 9am-5pm schedule? 

Here goes my phone ventures to make appointments with American doctors : 

Dentist: Beep, Beep, Beep, No Answer. "Hi Thanks for calling xyz dental office, the office is closed Aug 20th and will reopen on Tuesday Aug 21st. Please leave a message or call back when the office reopens." Really? Oh yea, just pick a random Monday and close the office. NBD

Ophthalmologist: Beep, Beep, Hello this is xyz's office. 
Me: Hi I'd like to make an appointment for an eye check. 
Receptionist: What's your first name, last name, phone #. Do you have your insurance? 
Me: Blah blah. Oh my family's been here for years, there should be insurance information in the system.
Receptionist: We don't keep a system or files. 
Me(mentally): o.O... what kind of doctor's office doesn't keep patient files?
Me: Oh, okay I'll check with my parents and bring the info when I come in. 
Receptionist: What time do you want?
Me: Is there anytime today or tomorrow?
Receptionist: Not today. Doctor's not in on tuesdays or Thursdays.
Me(mentally): why?!? 
Me: okay... what about Wed then (last day I'm home)

.... you get the idea

Here goes the call to my Chinese pediatrician: 
Pediatrics: Beep, Beep, Hello this is xyz's pediatrics office. 
me: Hi, I'd like to schedule and appointment for a physical. 
Receptionist: Okay, can I have your first and last name and what time?
me: blah blah, is there any time today or tomorrow?
Receptionist: Today there's 2 o'clock. 
me: great, I'll take it! Thanks, see you soon

I love my pediatrician! She's nice and awesome and SERIOUSLY. NEVER. AGES. (think my mom gets a hit mentally every time we go cuz I've been with her for 7 years and she looks exactly the same like she's 30 every. single. time. lolss

So there goes a morning of unproductive phone calls... and I probably won't be able to go to the beach because apparently no doctors are in the office on the same day. 

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