Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, as the title suggests, it's second semester senior year! Hm.... the right side of the equation is a fairly accurate description of my heart's desires right now. However, my unlucky tendency to nearly burn down my house isn't much motivation for me to actually burn these books. Plus, it would take quite a while to burn down my entire shelf's worth of books and probably a visit from the fire department of Plainsboro; AND excessively pollute the air of WW-P with the massive smoke from my all too abundant pile of JUNK.

BUT.... on the other hand, what sort of motivation can stop me from burning my life-wrecking shelf of books comprised of summer reading, SAT, ACT, AP, SAT IIs, and summer course books? Well, maybe the fact that my pretty shelf is about to fall apart from all the weight...O_O 

Another simple reason is simply: MONEY. Okay, so I must admit, I am obsessed with money; actually, I take that back. I am obsessed with gaining returns from investment, which I have clearly not gotten any since my brain is as confused as it was four years ago before high school and possibly even more challenged now, after 4 years of mind-boggling education from equally mind-boggling teachers. Thus, since I have obviously not gained any intellectual advancement, I figured I could at least gain back some of my monetary investments. What a waste it would be to burn all these business-evilness influenced overpriced books. 


That was random... except NOT. As I sit here creating an excel document, or rather trying to create a excel spreadsheet of all the schools books I have available for sale, I realized that it is just as ridiculous as any other crazy computer function that I battle with, such as BLOGSPOT... (I really need to figure out how to post pictures, videos, random cool stuff). 

Anyways.... once I figure out how to work this crazy shizzles, I shall post the spreadsheet (if that's even possible) of books I'm selling up here. 

Until then, let's just hope I can control myself enough to not have the Plainsboro Police pay me a visit for burning down my house o_O. 

Hm.... I wonder if insurance covers that?

Happy senior second semester, 

I guess I did figure out how to put up photos... Still mind-boggling though O_O

I can't believe I actually bought all of these...

You know how England has the Tower of London? Well, This magnificent photo would definitely be title
"Tower of High School Agony".

And mind you, this is only the portion from the shelf that I haven't completely destroyed in annoyance. The think the latter category completes the rest 75% of my school-related books...