Monday, October 29, 2012

Gtimes in Gtown: partners in crime, DC style

Oh it's that time of the year when school and exams are suffocating and there never seems to be enough time to do anything...until FALL BREAK
Georgetown <3
What an awesome 4 days in DC with my best (and worst) partner in crime Tammy :D During the day we sleep, eat, and shop. The weather was gorgeous, like true fall weather with the sunshine and slight breeze and autumn leaves falling. 


Watching DC CUPCAKES on TLC always made my mouth water; I finally got to taste its deliciousness after an hour long wait! I tried Maple Walnut, Red Velvet, and Key Lime Pie. Can't decide a favorite because all three were absolutely amazing :D 

M Street is definitely a place you'll not want to miss. The liveliness is incredible between the good food and awesome shopping, that's one thing Case Western cannot compete with. (We're gettin there with uptown developing!) And one thing I realized about DC is the time you spend on waiting, for EVERYTHINGGG. 

Pentagon City Mall!, VA

We Also took a little detour to Virginia to the Pentagon City Mall. My wallet definitely took a blow at this 170 store, 5 story premier shopping center. Especially at one of my favorite stores Francesca's Collections :D Now that's what I call a real mall. 

And when it gets dark... well let's just say chandeliers ain't all that fancy and Case girls aren't just talk either, we bring the game. Call it what you want Gtown peeps, we'll still knock it out and backwards pass till the table's clear. Our mentors have trained us well, all day every day over summer. BOOM

FYI, it was worth totes worth the $280 speeding ticket, damn pennsylvania construction can build another great wall with all that construction (oops.. still need to mail that check!)


Something charming, something yummy (Heck's Cafe)

     September is a festive month (as every other month it seems haha); as my friends' birthdays come one by one, of course we'd be out for some good foood :D

     Though a bit far from campus and requires a car, Heck's Cafe was well worth the drive, even in ridiculous Cleveland downpours. The 18th century brick stonehouse hosts an unique and welcoming atmosphere. The food was delicious, and the service was even better! No matter if you want to go for classiness and fine dining or a good hearty burger, the menu will have a variety for what you'd like.

Even with people like me.. who managed to do this with strange and extraordinary elbow skills, the staff was extremely friendly :)