Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New priorities. New look. New lifestyle.

Starting off the new semester fresh and re-energized!

New Priorities
1. Academics. *yes I am actually going to all my classes!
2. Health/Fitness *workout at least 4 days a week
3. Clubs/Activities/Social life
4. Work/Webstore/stock investments
5. Others *Layin low on the weekend ventures and the bad boys

New Look

Totes reenergized from home! <3 my besties
So I got a real  backpack (from adidas) and a pair of Cole Haan Nike Air flats that I can trudge around campus with without being destroyed by rain (which by the way has already started, what a great welcome back Cleveland). I finally feel like a student.

So I am really in love with my new hairstyle :) I've cut off 8 inches and it feels so fresh and light. I also got it colored to a light brownish shade and I think it's a good reflection of my personal growth and changes in personality.

New Lifestyle
My new motto is: focus on myself, care less about what people think of me, be less passive, justify my decisions only to myself and be clear on my priorities!

*Also, new fashion. I have been soooo obsessed with vintage/retro style lately (will do a post on vintage and work style later). Francesca's Collections is my new favorite store :D


*update: It's been 2 days and it already feels like a yearrr! Every day is so busy running around all over campus. Of course Cleveland welcomed us back by a horrendous thunderstorm Monday, what else is new? Though I am exhausted all the time, it feels great to be out and about all the time, seeing people, and being productive! Life has indeed been fulfilling. My birthday tomorrow, so excited! Definitely throwing a rager this weekend and its gonna be crazyayyy. 


Monday, August 20, 2012

American Doctors vs Asian Doctors

Sighs... it seems that the short few days that I visit home are inevitably always time for doctor appointments (-_-) and I'm no fan of needles and test tubes. There are just so many things to check on... getting a physical, eye check up, teeth check up, ob/gyn, etc

And what is all this weird office hours shit with all you American doctors? This is not meant to be racist at all, just what the facts tell me. Okay, I get it, doctors are important to society and blah blah but seriously, why is it acceptable for doctors to take random days off when the rest of the world functions on a regular Mon-Fri 9am-5pm schedule? 

Here goes my phone ventures to make appointments with American doctors : 

Dentist: Beep, Beep, Beep, No Answer. "Hi Thanks for calling xyz dental office, the office is closed Aug 20th and will reopen on Tuesday Aug 21st. Please leave a message or call back when the office reopens." Really? Oh yea, just pick a random Monday and close the office. NBD

Ophthalmologist: Beep, Beep, Hello this is xyz's office. 
Me: Hi I'd like to make an appointment for an eye check. 
Receptionist: What's your first name, last name, phone #. Do you have your insurance? 
Me: Blah blah. Oh my family's been here for years, there should be insurance information in the system.
Receptionist: We don't keep a system or files. 
Me(mentally): o.O... what kind of doctor's office doesn't keep patient files?
Me: Oh, okay I'll check with my parents and bring the info when I come in. 
Receptionist: What time do you want?
Me: Is there anytime today or tomorrow?
Receptionist: Not today. Doctor's not in on tuesdays or Thursdays.
Me(mentally): why?!? 
Me: okay... what about Wed then (last day I'm home)

.... you get the idea

Here goes the call to my Chinese pediatrician: 
Pediatrics: Beep, Beep, Hello this is xyz's pediatrics office. 
me: Hi, I'd like to schedule and appointment for a physical. 
Receptionist: Okay, can I have your first and last name and what time?
me: blah blah, is there any time today or tomorrow?
Receptionist: Today there's 2 o'clock. 
me: great, I'll take it! Thanks, see you soon

I love my pediatrician! She's nice and awesome and SERIOUSLY. NEVER. AGES. (think my mom gets a hit mentally every time we go cuz I've been with her for 7 years and she looks exactly the same like she's 30 every. single. time. lolss

So there goes a morning of unproductive phone calls... and I probably won't be able to go to the beach because apparently no doctors are in the office on the same day. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family time :D

If you're looking for a place to spend some family time, sesame place is a great option! It has a good mix of water slides for all ages, kids rides, boardwalk games, and entertainment in general. The theme park in located in Langhorne, PA and offers a lot of fun for the whole family, especially in the summer :)

Let me just tell you, having a 5 year old brother makes very few family events fun. But even I, who has generally stopped joining in on family outings, enjoyed a great day here. The water slides were fun, the rollercoaster isn't kingda ka or dragster, but it's better than I expected for a children's theme park, and I'm pretty exhausted by now and taking a break while my brother is climbing some obstacle course.

And just look at how happy my brother's smiling :D great chill day after a crazy night at the 2NE1 concert!


2NE1 2012 NJ CONCERT (photos and videos)

If you’re a music freak like me, you’d have been amazed just as I was at Korean girl band 2NE1’s New Evolution concert just now at Newark, NJ. This is their first global tour, and it was well worth the wait and excitement! Here are some photos and videos to capture a fraction of this remarkable night J

Opening- I AM THE BEST



You and I - Park Bom


Their unconventional style and perpetual strive for uniqueness is what appeals to me. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

College Packing 101

All you confuzzled little freshmans out there, staring at that birthday gift you know you won’t ever need but throw in your luggage anyways? DON’T. DO IT.

Here’s your guide to minimizing the pain and suffering of moving in and out of college dorms:

1)   If you think you’re going to sit around being sentimental, think again. Of course it happens to everyone, but eventually your new college environment will consume your brain. So, that teddy bear your friend gave you last Christmas? Leave it at home on your comfy bed and hug it in your sleep when you come home. Your twin bed will feel small enough without it.

2)  Shakespeare, you say? Perhaps some Jane Austen? Mix in some Stephanie Meyers or Stephen King and life is complete…NOT. Refrain from bringing heavy useless paper, that’s essentially what it’ll be, but with layers of dust collected throughout the year. I doubt you’ll ever finish reading your textbooks, don’t even bother with the free read.

3)  Tempted to lug your entire lifetime’s wardrobe? Well… ain’t very useful to have your fur coats in August, so do yourself a favor and leave it for now. When you go home for fall break or Thanksgiving, swap the summer dresses for the coat. WALA!

4)  Divide and conquer. You mostly likely have a roommate. Let that be a plus to a more fulfilling living experience. If they’re bringing a fridge, why stuff your already overflowing car with one?

5)  The photos, albums, random key chains, etc that you usually decorate your room at home with? Well guess what, you ain’t livin in the freshman dorm forever. In 10 months when housing ruthlessly kicks you out within 24 hours of your last final, you’d be screaming in your head why the fuck you brought those crap.

6)   Oh gosh… from personal experience, PLEASE DON’T BE LIKE ME:

The Kleenex? I swear you will be able to find some place near campus to buy tissues if you really need that much, don’t waste your energy stocking up on those..
The dictionary? There's something called a computer and



If you don't want to end up like THIS:


Friday, August 10, 2012

From the other side: Fall 2012&freshman newbies

What is this other side? You know, that invisible line you've just crossed if you’re dreading the end of freshman summer like I am yet also anticipating life as a sophomore. It is a nonexistent line that most of us subconsciously cross as we evolve from confused stumbling freshman to been-there-done-that-know-it-all sophomores.

Like many others, summer sneaked up on me fast. As it daunts me that in just a few days our campus will be welcoming 1,500 fresh new faces, the largest class by far, I can’t help but feel a surge of sadness. There is no more freshman forgiveness, no more being lost on campus—feeling justified, no more steak and champagne dinner for Hudson relays, and so much more that are lost as we shed the title freshman.

Food Ventures: Sushi Rock Tsunami Night!
As my summer comes to an end, I begin to recollect the memories that I'll be left with after this surreal experience. They won't all be happy and sweet— there are undoubtedly tears and angst mixed in the bundle. Nevertheless, they are the memories that I will never forget, the memories that I will continue to learn and grow from, and the memories that will provide me with a lifetime's worth of stories to tell.

My freshman experience was indeed unique and irreplaceable. I've had my fair share of wild moments. Though at times it felt like an emotional rollercoaster, happy and ridiculously sad, the mere experience of all those emotions is what nurtures me to become stronger and smarter. Dramatic? Yes indeed. Regrets? Not at all. In 10 years, when life is about as routine and dull as can be and there is only reminiscing left, I’d rather laugh off all the stupid crazy things I've been through than sit and wonder what they could have felt like.

Upcoming: JERSEYSHORE HOME BOUND "recoup"!
That’s not to say I haven’t had amazing fun times, oh believe me I have… 

So as I'm sitting at my last day of work this summer, not sneaking out early for the first time, my thoughts ponder back to that invisible line as I prepare myself to bid farewell to an extraordinary freshman year. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Lovin'

When it comes to spontaneity, I’d say I’m pretty darn good at it. (Oh, work? Nah, I’ll just take a casual stroll down to Mentor Headlands beach with housemate Tamsies and visiting friend Katie :D)

Gettin in the tan? Except not really  for Tammy, apparently she doesn't tan as you can see from her pale Asian skin. Katie, on the other hand, is already gorgeously tanned :D 
Me? I just get awkward bowtie tan lines..on top of the one from spring break at Miami Beach (-_-)

That awkward moment: Apparently people like to walk around with guitars and signs that say "god loves you"while handing out free cookies at the beach...
Cause that's obviously what we go to the beach for right?..derpp

Korea House
Hmm… Twilight moment of the day: There are 3 things I am absolutely positive. First, my stomach is a bottomless pit for food. Second, there’s a part of me that hates the previous statement. And third, I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with food. Especially when I'm with all my housemates like a famiry :D (yes that was intentionally spelled with an Asaian accent). We ate at Korea House on Superior Avenue in Cleveland's Asiatown. The food was great, service was friendly, and with the most entertaining housemates in the world, can't get better than that, definitely check it out!

Luna's Bakery
Dessert anyone? 
My first time at Luna’s! Popular bakery and café on south side of campus offering amazing dark chocolate crepes that I still managed to stuff down after kbbq.

Life: Every second of this last week of summer work has been painfully hard to endure. With mixed emotions of excitement to go home and sentiments watching housemates pack/leave, I give little fucks about pretty much everything serious in life.

That phone call from your mother at 12am nagging yet again about the same thing she did the last 5 times she called? Sorry mom, not really coherent enough…


Monday, August 6, 2012

BE A SMART LAZY – excercise without grossness

Ever wanted to get toned for that hot summer body but grimace at the thought of dripping sweat on the treadmill or gasping for air on the track field?

First. World. Problems.


I’ll admit, I’m a damn lazy person. But besides that, I’m also highly self-conscious of being sweaty, smelly, and gross. My laziness, in combination with bad weather and high humidity in Cleveland, resulted in a week of failed attempts to work out at Veale(CWRU athletics center) with my housemate Tamsies. But that doesn’t mean we stopped consuming high calories at night, if you know what I mean. Derpp…

Sunday afternoon PHO with Tamsies, result of our evening ventures..(-_-)
Eventually, I figured if I can’t make it to the elliptical or treadmill, I should at least stretch out and try the Backyard Boot Camp workout I read on Fitness before my pitiful muscles decay further. Little did I know that these simple stretches and exercises can be just as helpful as running your ass off and sweating balls on the track field. My main concern is toning and reducing cellulite, so it might not be as effective if you’re looking to lose weight.

But as far as I’m concerned, it’s pretty awesome for casually bending your arms and legs here and there while watching Suits. Who says you have to hit the gym (which takes 15-20min for me to walk to) and feel disgusting to tone and firm skin? Though I just started two days ago, my skin already seems tighter; I feel satisfied and healthier, while watching my latest tv obsession. WIN :D

In addition, mix in some beginner yoga to loosen up neck, shoulder, and back tension or to simply relax, and you’re golden J

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Hangover

Oh... Saturday mornings, jolly times ain't it? Waking up to a mind spinning headache and mouth as dry as Africa after a wild and possibly embarrassing Friday night out…

Word of advice, as much you want to think you'll get better at boom the longer you play, you don't. So refrain from further challenging yourself for redemption, or you might as well be chugging tequila shots. (Learned that the hard way.) Other pointers? Stay AWAY from your phone. (sorry to everyone who received a text between the hours of 12am-3am). Also try not to seem crazy i.e. running away or hiding behind trees, it’s tempting I know.

Hmm, so it'll be another awkward Monday morning. What are those you may ask? When your boss asks how was your weekend and all you can think of to appropriately respond is “uh..good”, followed by “what did you do” and awkward silence for a good 5 seconds before you manage to blurt out “um, not much”, while you’re really thinking “you know, went out, slept, ate, and went out some more”. (-_-)

When you finally manage to crawl out of bed for food:

Hm… chipotle ain’t ever on the same level as Pho, but apparently it’s also worse in Cleveland than in Colorado… Superior Pho, please move to campus, I swear you’ll be the best business on Euclid.. Nothing can beat Pho as comfort food on those weekend mornings.

Cheers to yet another unproductive day~

Friday, August 3, 2012 continues (after the long hiatus)

The excitement of blogging only lasts so long, as it turns out. Evidently, for a second semester high school senior eager to share her life quirks and sell her useless prep books, the appeal of blogging only lasted a mere 29 days, not even a month. (That was me a year and a half ago).

Returning to the world of blogging as a rising sophomore in college, I'd say life is a little more exciting and spiced up than it was a year and a half ago when I was living in lala land and dreaming of prince charming. That fantastical stage has had it's turn to dictate my life and now I move on into a world that is a lot less disney-like and a whole lot more real.

Surviving the famous "freshman year", not only do I have enough stories to tell for the rest of my life, but also gained a new appreciation for blogging thanks to my amazing housemate, Tammy, who has brought so much fun, laughter, and companionship to my life in the past 2 months. (SHOUT OUT TO TAMMY AND HER FASHION BLOG). Hopefully this time around the perks of sharing my funny, sad, and most probably AWKWARD life experiences will keep this blog alive for all the future to come. Happy Friday :)

Senior Week

Photo shoot for Tammy's blog