Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer life~

Some interesting finds and recent travel pictures from summer!

*recently I've watched a seried of documentaries on Netflix that I think should be incorporated into our education system, I feel that everyone has the right to learn about their health and what damages our lifestyle as a society have done to our own health and the health of our ecosystem. I've found two that I especially liked and taught me a variety of things related to chronic disease and diet.

1. Hungry for Change 
You can watch on Netflix or a trailer here
Watch full on Netflix or trailer here
These videos have really made an impact on me and the way I think about my food. It has taught me way more than nutrition class and a mentally to treat myself better and healthier~ I really highly recommend everyone to even take a glimpse at the trailers, and if possible watch the full videos! I believe it will impact you!

some pics :) I've had a wonderful opportunity to go to Canada over July 4th break. It was awesomeeeeeee~~~
Niagara Falls

Toronto Islands

Center Island -Toronto
Atlantic City 

Edgewater Beach Cleveland

Just a little something extra form summer...

So...recently I've had some pretty random dreams. Perhaps it's because I've been watching too many asian dramas. I had one dream that was specifically interesting, and I decided to write a novel about it, IN CHINESE o.O

I'd never expected my level of Chinese would be sufficient, but I realized that even after growing up in the United States, I still haven't forgotten the Chinese I learned in elementary school. Out of a whim, I decided to submit my ongoing novel to a huge Chinese online novel site, not expecting anything. After a couple of days, however, I received a notice that my writing has passed their inspection and is officially published on their website!

It kinda gave me a whole new sense of accomplishment that's greater than a lot of things, such as the job I worked all summer, the classes I've taken in school, etc :) 我好开心!

In case anyone is interested in taking a glance, here's the link :) 《冰终化》'ice melts eventually'


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